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Forum: Photodynamic Therapy

Drs. Dierickx, Goldman, Ortel, Ross and Tope discuss the use of Photodynamic Therapy for actinic keratoses, photorejuvenation and acne.

Forum Participants

Dr. Whitney Tope is the Associate Clinical Professor of the Department of Dermatology at UCSF. His clinical specialties include Mohs Micrographic Surgery, cutaneous oncology, reconstruction, laser applications in dermatology, photodynamic therapy (PDT), vascular anomalies, high risk skin cancer & lower extremity venous diseases.

Dr. Christine Dierickx is Director of the Boom Laser Clinic in Belgium; Consulting Staff at the University Hospital of Ghent, Belgium; Visiting Scientist in Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital/Wellman Labs, Boston. Her research interests include laser surgery, optical diagnostics, and photodynamic therapy.

Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman is Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology and Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. He is the author of six medical testbooks and over 125 manuscripts and textbook chapters. He is currently the associate editor of "Dermatologic Surgery".

Dr. Bernhard Ortel is Assistant Professor in Dermatology at Harvard Medical School. His primary research interest is PDT. The overall goal of his research efforts is to improve the targeting strategies of ALA-PDT by understanding the cellular-molecular mechanisms which are most important for the conversion of ALA to PPIX.

Dr. E. Victor Ross is a staff physician in the dermatology department at the Naval Hospital San Diego where he co-directs the laser section and directs the residency program. His special interests are laser skin resurfacing, photodynamic therapy, non-ablative skin remodeling, laser treatment of leg veins, laser treatment of acne, and laser hair reduction in dark skinned patients.