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Dermatopathology Master Series
Directed by
Philip E. Leboit, MD & Shawn Cowper, MD

Topics ~ Click on a title below to view a lecture.
Approach to Diagnosis in Dermatopathology Philip E LeBoit, MD
Cutaneous Anatomy: Part 1 & Part 2 Shawn E Cowper, MD
Perivascular Dermatitis Without Epidermal Changes John C Maize, MD
Spongiotic Dermatitis Rossitza Lazova, MD
Psoriasiform Dermatitis: Part 1 & Part 2 Clifton R White, MD
Vasculitis Philip E LeBoit, MD
Subepidermal Vesicular Dermatitis Antoinette Hood, MD
Intraepidermal Vesicular Dermatitis Michael B Morgan, MD
Nodular and Diffuse Dermatitis Bruce R Smoller, MD
Fibrosing Dermatitis Jennifer M McNiff, MD
Panniculitis Omar P Sangueza, MD
Infectious Dermatopathology Clay J Cockerell, MD
Inflammatory Skin Disease Case Reviews Shawn E Cowper, MD
Epidermal Proliferations Iftikhar Ahmed, MD
Follicular Neoplasms: Part 1 & Part 2 Mark A Hurt, MD
Proliferations of Muscle, Cartilage and Bone Jag Bhawan, MD
Neural Proliferations Zsolt B Argenyi, MD
Vascular Proliferations Omar P Sangueza, MD
Benign Melanocytic Proliferations John Maize, Jr, MD
Histiopathologic Evaluation of Scalp Biopsies Dirk Elston, MD
Melanoma John C. Maize, MD
Cutaneous Lymphomas and Leukemias Lorenzo Cerroni, MD
Fibrous Proliferations Antoinette Hood, MD
& Steven Billings, MD
Histiocytic Infiltrates Earl J Glusac, MD
Special Techniques in Dermatopathology: Part 1 & Part 2 Christian Sander, MD
& Bruce R. Smoller, MD
Medicolegal Pitfalls in Dermatopathology Clay J Cockerell, MD

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